Straathof Controls - "Keeps shipping moving"

We are specialized in ZF propulsion control systems for marine vessels. We engineer and install quality propulsion control systems for commercial marine vessels, yachts, sailing ships and barges. Our company guarantees that the products we sell are modifiable, to fully meet the personal taste and demands of our customers. We offer a comprehensive assortment of propulsion systems and control stations.

We offer personalised systems, stations and joysticks that meet the highest quality standards.

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ZF 400 series

Damen Vietnam’s 50m Axe Bow series. On these vessels, a ZF CruiseCommand propulsion system controls four engines and Kwant BUK-G levers are integrated in the armrests of the captain chairs.

ZF MC2000 series

Stop by our booth at the Europort exhibition for maritime technology.

ZF Specials series

The “Nassima” controls its two MTU engines with two ClearCommand 2322 propulsion control systems, in combination with a personalized Straathof Controls emergency system installed in the engine room and two ZF auto-troll gearboxes.